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Get Lost

GET LOST ( my creative process –  Portrait 1/3 )

I do love to getting lost. Both in the street in Roma and in photography, while searching new amazing  things that can lead me to new, unknown directions.

One night, I was wandering around Piazza Navona, when I saw a drawing on a wall of an old, quiet destroyed palace.

Loved the design, at fist sight.

I can remember the association with a great friend, and great photographer also, Roberto Panciatici was instinctive. Maybe for his life, his character, maybe the way I see him.

But I was missing a point: ”how”.

My plan was to play with two different layers, a conscious one and a  subconscious one.  I was thing about a style between a comic, a cinematographic and dream-like kind of picture.

We, as photographers, work with 2 different levels connected to the composition. The space, regulated for its legibility by the aperture and the distance, and the time- regulated by the shutter time, which will show us the movement or will freeze it, as we chose.  We are free to shot even in very low light situations, but the real problemi is the  quality of the light. Because you need a good quality of the light to get a functional and good picture.

As you can see in the natural shot, the light is very flat, uninspiring…ugly. It wasn’t working for my purpose.

With this shot my ispiration was Refn, the famous director, no doubt (take a look at “Only God Forgives”).

An aesthetics form so useful for a two layers kind of communication. The lightning setup was quiet simple: a Profoto Zoom Reflector for the background ( with 2 red gelatine) and a Beauty Dish for the subject’s light with a green\blue gelatine. Since I was searching a litlle contrasty  and “harsh”light I moved a little away the Beauty Dish after the very first shots. Also I was searching for a little comeback red light on the rear of Roberto’s neck (thanks to Nicola Maiani for the flag and for the help). I wanted that little red just there, to renforce the subconsious concept.

Take a look even at the 100% crop, it’s interesting to see how well a very old lens worked with the world’s best 35 mm sensor (Nikkor 105 f1,8 AIS on a Sony A7r2). The quality and the speed of the Profoto helped a lot to this level of quality.

Working without  generators allowed me to build up a little set in a public road quickly. There was very little room there, the Profoto b1,  helped a lot. Wireless and without generators.

Dare to get lost. You will be fully repaid, and even more.

Thanks to Nicola Maiani, Roberto Panciatici, Profoto, Grange SRL

rob portrait refn articiallightPIN




natural light streetartPIN

Backstage without flash



grange logoPIN


  • 1 Profoto B1 Location Kit ( 2 flash )
  • Profoto gelatine
  • Profoto Beauty Dish
  • Profoto Zoom Reflector
  • Sony A7r2
  • Nikkor 105 f1,8  AIS



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