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Creativity 2/3 part

campidoglio profoto b1 mixed lightPIN

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Would you like to taking pictures without controlling DOF ? Not that you need every time but, as photographers we should think as authors, first of all. And nothing influence photography as much as the quality of the light. Not a question of how much light we have, because today we use great cameras that can shot even at very high ISO sensitivities without losing too much quality. The light’s quality is the most important thing. Why Do I chose to bring my Profoto flashes at weddings? Because I can chose to shape the light the way I need to get a good work. I will show a work where I’ve built the story around a chronological timeline but also around tryptyques, around different colors. I will show the first one around magenta, yellow and blue. Controlling the light I can play with color saturation, dominants, mood, etc. Love this kind of control.


portrait cerimony wedding profotoPIN

How to mix ambient ligh and artificial light, using a mirroless system (part 1)

The setup for the picture I’m showing here

I used a Profoto B1 with a Beauty Dish and a grid. First, I tried to remove the natural light, except that little rim around his shoulders. Then I switched off the exposure preview in my camera (you can find it in almost every mirrorless canera) keeping the exposure times to avoid too much ambient light and started to pushing my B1 light. You can start with an external exposimeter or with a single try with the Profoto TTL and then manually change the power and or the distance. The distance will change even the quality of the light (more distance= harder light) Quick and very easy.

I thought was a good idea to make a little gift with some portraits of some special guest in this wedding (very special to me). Do you think we we were working in a studio? No way, It was a garden in a Villa, near Bracciano Lake (near Rome)

Shape the light, and you will be free as a photographer.




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