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My name is Federico Zaza, a professional photographer living in Rome, Italy.

In my opinion, photographer’s choice should mainly follow your taste and your sensibility. I could define my approach as natural, discreet, unobtrusive.

My inspiration derives from street photography and photojournalistic works, but I usually mix different techniques from several areas of photography such as architecture, portraiture, landscapes…

I do work as a backstage photographer and photojournalist, too. Architecture and art reproduction are also fields which I usually deal with. Every wedding is a unique event, and every work is very different from each other. The post-production phase is customized to client’s taste, as well. Such kind of work is a long process, personally done on every picture. Anyway, I think the key to reach excellence is focusing on the relationship between clients and the photographer.

Empathy, understanding of your needs and aesthetic sense.

I currently work as photographer within several different areas: Wedding – Events – Architecture – Art Reproduction.

I am ready to move wherever you are going to get married.

I can offer special services. For more details, do not hesitate to enquire.